Fast and Furious and Meerkat/Periscope

April 03, 2015

Fast & Furious 7 is out this weekend.  For anyone who hasn't seen Fast6, they somehow figured out how to tie in Tokyo Drift into the series and timeline.  Han was killed by the bad guy in Fast6 and his big bro looking for revenge in Furious7.  So that got me thinking.

Remember this scene back in Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift:

One thing I noticed when I watched this was the kids lined down the mountain streaming the race to others in different parts of the track, and I thought to myself thats not possible.  We don't have that type of technology yet!

You have to remember that this movie came out in 2006.  Before the iPhone!  The people were capturing this action on flip phones!  I know Japan has always had cooler toys, but even they didn't have anything close to what an iPhone or Android phone could do. So what the hell Fast & Furious?  I'll believe that these characters drive these insane cars and do all this crazy stuff on a mountain, but streaming this live? Get real dude!

But then the post credit scene of Fast6 happened and it totally blew my mind.

Turns out that Han made it to Tokyo after Fast6 and that Jason Statham was in the Benz that t-boned him. Essentially ingesting it into the main Fast & Furious storyline and pushing Tokyo Drift's timeline to post-2013.  Which is weird because Twinkie (Lil Bow Wow) is selling iPods like they're some hot commodity.  This means that its possible that Furious7 (and yes i realize theres so many ways to write the titles of these movies) takes place right now.  Which would in turn make sense that the kids are streaming the race between DK and Sean.

It makes sense cause in the last couple of months, the internet has completely gone crazy over live streaming apps like Meerkat and Periscope.  They allow us to share a moment, in almost real time with little amount of work.  We also now have the types of cellular connections needed to stream and view, live high quality video.  Not to mention the proliferation of WiFi.  I imagine that Bow Wow was somewhere in the middle of the mountain cheering on his boy Sean, but mostly glued to his Sony Xperia Z3. Switching between Meerkat and Tinder, because he's Bow Wow and he's gotta find a shawty to hit up one of Han's clubs with after the race.  

So did Tokyo drift predict the future 9 years ago?  Probably not, we've always imagined a world where you can instantly share something with anyone straight from your phone.  But its awesome to see that technology is finally catching up.  Still waiting on that hoverboard though.

Side not: Fast & Furious 7 was insane.  It's going to be tough to top, but bringing it to NYC for the 8th installment will be fun to watch. 

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