We're Hooking Up With CellBreaker

July 08, 2015

Well not "hooking up hooking up", but you know what we mean.

One of the worst parts about not having a phone is you’re temporarily cut off from a substantial part of the world. Even worse is seeing how much you'll be coughing up to replace it and be a part of the world again. Another bummer is then finding out that that phone is about to be worth a lot less now that a new model is hitting the stores soon.

It happens to lots of people on a daily basis.

Luckily, there are companies in the world that don't want you to deal with the frustration of throwing away all those dollars for a replacement.  Companies who want to have your back with this modern day technical hardship.

Phone Bum is one, of course.  And now we are partnering with CellBreaker to help all you lovely people break free of your current wireless contract.

Who is CellBreaker? Glad you asked!

CellBreaker allows people to easily switch cell phone carriers without paying an early termination fee.  They've got a process that will get you out of the contract with your carrier in 7 days. That's because carriers often breach their own agreements with you, which doesn't seem very fair.  So the good folks at CellBreaker are giving back some power to the people!  A video explains it best, so here you go:

This is a perfect fit for Phone Bum because we're in the business of having your back when things go awry with your mobile device. Too often do we as humans drop our devices onto the pavement, into puddles, or just lose them in general. Phone Bum allows you to rent a replacement phone to save you from having to pay the high price of a whole new phone, repairs or costly insurance deductibles. Plus with new models coming out every few months from the likes of Apple and Samsung, you’ll also be saved from having to purchase a phone that will be obsolete in a short amount of time.

So why is this partnership great for everyone moving forward? Another great question, you're on a roll, baby!

After CellBreaker breaks you free from your contract, you'll have a phone on your hands that maybe you're not sure what to do with. You could sell it back to the carrier for about a mini-fraction of what they would charge you for it. Or you could give your phone the chance to be glorious once more!

Phone Bum will be glad to take your previous phone off your hands for a substantially fair price and give it a “second life.”

Rather than imagining your carrier tossing your previous phone into a pile somewhere in their storage closet, imagine a Phone Bum user being overjoyed and appreciative at the sight of a phone that will fill that void in their lives. They've been saved from spending hundreds of dollars on a new phone thanks to your slick move to give your phone a chance to carry on their cellular destiny!

With this partnership, CellBreaker and Phone Bum are saving everyday people thousands of dollars. Phones are being reused and being put to more efficient use. The average person is being saved from the headaches and frustration that comes from dealing with the formalities in transitioning to a new phone or carrier. In the end, we as cell phone users can rest easy in knowing there are people in the world looking out for our best interest.

Sound pretty sweet? Get started on your journey to wireless freedom: 


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