Splashing On A Fresh Coat Of Paint, Learnings + Updates

July 26, 2016

It's been a while since we posted to our blog, but there's been a lot going on behind the scenes.

We've been in business for a little over a year now and we've spent a lot of time trying to understand and learn who our customers are and what they're looking for in a service like ours.  Here's what we've learned:

  • Most people find us because they just broke their phone and need to replace it immediately
  • A lot of people do not want to waste money on repairs
  • Some do not want to waste an upgrade or are waiting for their upgrade dates
  • Children break a lot of phones :P
  • Customers seem to like us, we've had plenty come back for more
  • The startup community is GREAT, we've gotten so much help from a bunch of companies

One of the more surprising things we noticed was some new use cases for our service.  We've worked with Croissant(check out a nice little blog post about us: HERE) to supply them with phones to test their new Android app.  We also worked with a development firm who was building an app for FOX and needed to deploy their app across a bunch of phones to pitch it to the execs.  And keeping with the current political times, we've been contacted by politicians to help outfit their campaigns with phones.  So its pretty interesting how people are using us to solve some of their problems/needs.

On the flip side we've also seen some not so cool things.  There are always some bad seeds out there, customers who don't return a phone or just refuse to pay.  We've made some changes as we started seeing some of this go on.  Worst of all, there has been some fraud: people ordering phones with stolen credit cards.  Therefore we needed to put some measures in place: we no longer accept pre-paid credit cards(kind of a no-brainer), we'll only ship to billing address,

With all that said, we're happy to say we're upgrading things around here.  Call it Phone Bum v1.5.

We've already made some updates to our web site.  Flipped our logo inside out.  Working on improving our inventory shortly, hopefully adding iPhone 6.  Just today we started using Bushel, which will allow us to better manage our entire Apple inventory.  While unfortunate, we need to use a service like this to make sure we can restrict use of a phone if payment is not received or phone is not returned.  

So there you have it, there is probably a ton more things to write but just wanted to let everyone know we're still here working to build out this little idea.  If there are any questions, just reach out on Twitter, Facebook or email (found in footer).

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