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Hey there! I'm Serg & I started Phone Bum.

Back in the summer I was headed home on the train after a job interview.  My phone slid off my lap and fell between the seat and the wall.  I nonchalantly reached down to try to pull it out.  My fingertips could feel the edge of the phone, but I couldn't grab it.  When I looked under the seat I realized it was stuck in some weird metal compartment under the seat.  So I asked the conductor if there was anything they could do.  We tried lifting the seat off but still couldn't get into the container. He told me that they might be able to get it at the end of the line, which was in New Haven CT.  Mind you, that is about a 2+ hour train ride, and even then there was no guarantee.  My only other option was to fill out a Lost & Found form with Metro North to get my phone back.

I filled out the form and the confirmation said it would take 2-4 weeks to retrieve the lost item.  Dunno about you, but I can't stand to be without my phone for 15 minutes; no way I would make it almost a month.  So I had to put in an insurance claim & dropped $200 on the deductible. There was no other choice.

I ended up getting my phone back 4 weeks later.  There had to be another option here.

So I started Phone Bum, for those of us who got our phones stuck in a weird container on the train.

For those of us who cracked our screens plowing the snow.  For those of us who left our phones in the cab.  For those of us who got our phones stolen at the gym.  For those of us who are sooooo close to our upgrades or for the new iPhone or Galaxy phone that it doesn't make any sense to waste our upgrade or pay a deductible.