Terms and Conditions

By renting a phone from Phone Bum, you agree to all the points below:

  1. You agree to return the item in the same condition that you received it.
  2. You agree to recurring charges for the extent to which the rented item is in your possession.
  3. Your credit card will be charged every month on the same date of your first rental.
  4. You agree to pay for any damages to the item while in your possession.
    • Phone Bum will assess the damage when it is returned and you will be notified of the cost of repairs.
  5. You agree to pay for the full cost of item if it is deemed the item cannot be repaired.
    • Damage that cannot be repaired include: water damage, if the phone is reported as lost/stolen to the carrier.
  6. You agree to remove the phone from your carrier account when returning it to Phone Bum. If device is tied to your account when returned it becomes unusable to Phone Bum and you will be contacted by Phone Bum.
  7. You are responsible for resetting, clearing out all your data and logging out of iCloud/GMail upon returning the phone.
  8. You agree to enjoy.