What is caller ID spoofing?

In general, if you get the phone call and dial back, the owner of this phone number never calls you. This mean this phone number may be used caller ID spoofing.

You cannot actaully find the actual phone number when someone uses caller ID spoofing. It is common to use in telemarketing. However, the scammer uses this technology to trick people into handing over money, personal information, or both. There is no way to prevent caller id spoofing. If you receive unfamiliar phone number, don't pick up and let the caller leave the voice message.

So you better make 100% sure that you aren't the next victim of caller ID spoofing scams. The best way to beat scammers is to know the facts.

Recent Reports

  • Moon
    2020-10-14 15:45:27
    Category: scam

    social security scam

  • Hills
    2020-10-14 15:44:58
    Category: scam

    Auto Warranty Scam

  • BelleA
    2020-10-14 15:44:19
    Category: scam

    Claims to be Social Security.

  • Will I Am
    2020-10-14 13:28:16
    Category: scam

    FEDEx SMS scam and message me shipment 85542 report: sent! Check here: c5fsm.info/BBdDLOolxx

  • Ivy
    2020-10-14 13:26:51
    Category: scam

    Insurance scam

  • Way
    2020-10-14 13:26:14
    Category: unknown

    claiming to be from Visa security.

  • App
    2020-10-14 13:25:50
    Category: scam

    Send SMS and say I have to disable my cash app account for Venmo

  • Pp
    2020-10-13 13:42:48
    Category: scam

    Send a link said fed ex package 07325 shipped go to c2fmv.info/Z7Zb6Dcdri Don't click it.

  • K
    2020-10-08 14:59:40
    Category: telemarketer

    auto warranty

  • Anonymous
    2020-10-08 14:59:21
    Category: scam

    Social security scam.

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